Intelligent IoT Safety (IIS)

IIS Intelligent IoT Safety is an innovation project for creating an intelligent IoT platform for the automatic management of integrated devices, which foresee different levels of control and decision-making, in compliance with the structure to be monitored and the organization that manages it (e.g., State, Region, Municipality, Airport, Hospital, Hotel, Nursing Home, etc.), monitoring activities, and environmental sanitation processes completely automatically, applying Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Geolocation logics.


Project Components


Sensors, including electronic noses for detecting harmful substances in the air

Actuators, including room sanitizers

Data acquisition platform, normalization, historization, georeferencing, and localization

Dashboard of statistics extracted from logs

Intelligent platform for monitoring IoT sensors and scheduling actions in response to collected data

  • Graphical BPMN/DMN workflow editor for defining decision processes in response to data from IoT sensors
  • Intelligent workflow execution component for action scheduling
  • Artificial intelligence components for predicting future data (continuous training and prediction components)

Project Participants

DW Informatica Rogue Data Synthema Artificial Intelligence

Project funded by PSC Veneto – Special Section

POC – POR FESR 2014-2020 Application: 10450231 CUP: B39J22003300009
Eligible expenditure: € 581,881.68 – Granted contribution € 232,752.67