Research and Development

S.AI has inherited Synthema’s decade-long experience in European research projects in the areas of web crawling, NLP (both text and speech mining), AI and machine learning, semantic technologies. S.AI is currently involved in the preparation of project proposals dealing with emotion recognition and cognitive computing. Recently funded research projects include


kyoto KYOTO (Knowledge Yielding Ontologies for Transition-based Organization)

  • FP7-ICT-2007.4.2 Project No. 211423
  • Semantic search and access to information in large volumes of multimedia data beyond linguistic and cultural borders

mosaic MOSAIC (Multi-Modal Situation Assessment & Analitics Platform)

  • FP7-SEC-2010-1 Project No. 261776
  • Multimodal analytics, geo-localisation and mapping of information, to enhance situation awareness, targeted surveillance and *camera handover"

caper CAPER (Collaborative information, Acquisition, Processing, Exploitation and Reporting for the prevention of organised crime)

  • FP7-SEC-2010-1 Project No. 261712
  • A common platform for the prevention of organised crime through information sharing, exploitation and analysis of open and closed information sources

savas SAVAS (Sharing AudioVisual language resources for Automatic Subtitling)

  • FP7-ICT-2011-SME-DCL Project No. 296371
  • Developing of LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) systems for subtitling applications that can be directly integrated into the broadcasting chain

opener OpeNER (Open Polarity Enhanced Named Entity Recognition)

  • FP7-ICT-2011-SME-DCL Project No. 296451
  • Creation of base technologies for cross-lingual named entity recognition and classification and sentiment analysis

siip SIIP (Speaker Identification Integrated Project)

  • FP7–SEC-2013.5.1-2 Project No. 607784
  • Suspect identification solution based on a novel Speaker Identification (SID) engine integrated with technologies for keyword and taxonomy spotting

pdmanager PD_manager (Mhealth platform for Parkinson's Disease management)

  • H2020-PHC-2014-single-stage Project No. 643706
  • Assessment of motor and non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s patients, proposing a set of unobtrusive, simple-in-use mobile devices

spirit SPIRIT (Scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities)

  • H2020-SEC-12-FCT-2016-2017 Project No. 786993
  • Automatic analysis of multimodal content from closed and open sources (including online social networks and darknets) for criminal identity resolution and profiling

IIS IIS (Intelligent IoT Safety)

  • POC – POR FESR 2014-2020 Request: 10450231 CUP: B39J22003300009
  • Intelligent platform for monitoring IoT sensors and scheduling actions in response to collected data
    • Graphical BPMN/DMN workflow editor for defining decision processes in response to data from IoT sensors
    • Intelligent workflow execution component for action scheduling
    • Artificial intelligence components for predicting future data (continuous training and prediction components)