Speaker-independent automatic transcription solutions

S.AI has long been committed to integrating speaker-independent multilingual solutions based on ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology.

S.AI developed an innovative ASR solution specifically designed to meet the needs of more demanding customers in terms of reliability. It features automatic audio and video transcription, speaker diarization, speaker verification and speaker identification.

This technology can be used for subtitling and audio-text synchronization.

Our solutions are currently used to create the minutes of court proceedings, municipal council meetings and in all scenarios where quick report turnaround times are crucial. 

Combining ASR technology with the long standing experience in language data processing, our solution provides a speech analytics feature that allows users to perform video and audio content analysis, indexing, searching and clustering.

By integrating linguistic features to analyze all phone calls, our solutions offer an effective tool for human conversation analysis in call centers and in all speech understanding applications.