Multilingual reporting solution for medical, legal and administrative sectors

S.AI has inherited SyNTHEMA's long experience in the development of professional solutions based on voice and language recognition technology. Every day, over 4,000 medical professionals as well as public and private health care institutions use our vocal solutions to improve their medical report production process.

SpeechJive is the reliable reporting solution based on accurate and intelligent speech recognition which allows you to streamline all transcriptions processes, cut transcription costs and optimize report turnaround times. It provides a flexible speech reporting solution with a distributed workflow management system (LAN, Intranet and Internet) and help professionals and their assistants to create medical reports while keeping their usual working habits. SpeechJive provides voice recognition capabilities by associating the vocal input to the transcribed text. To simplify the speech-to-text transcription process, it can be combined with any kind of input device, such as digital recorders, PDAs, Tablet PCs and smartphones. It provides a simple and intuitive environment where the doctor can control the whole workflow using voice commands and dictate the medical report speaking naturally.

Thanks to the text-to-speech synchronization, during audio playback the user can easily follow the text and make any necessary changes; this also improves the recognition accuracy and reduces the transcription errors. The doctor can review the report immediately (direct dictation) or send it to a third party for review and correction (deferred dictation). Every report can be changed and sent out for review until it is released. Every spoken word is always recorded and synchronized with the transcribed text and saved in the RIS management system.

It comes with a specialized medical dictionary that ensures high-quality report results. Additional dictionaries for special subjects are available on request.

DictaSpeech is a centralized dictation management solution, based on highly accurate speech recognition technology, allowing users to reduce transcription costs and optimize report turnaround times. DictaSpeech includes capabilities for audio file routing, direct and deferred speech-to-text transcription, dictated text review and digital audio transcription, even through respeaking. With this all-in-one solution enabling digital dictation management on corporate or departmental networks or on the Internet, professionals and their assistants can create and record audio files in different ways while keeping their usual working habits.