Internet of Packaging

S.AI is involved in the creation of a platform for the concentration and distribution of data and services and the development and/or adoption of management, acquisition and communication systems for tags, sensors or devices for data collection, to be managed on the platform and to be distributed to the customer.

At the present time the acquisition system taken into consideration for the start of the project is the QR code. We aim to design and create an Internet of Packaging Platform that allows to:

  • PROTECT (anti-counterfeiting, traceability)

  • COMMUNICATE (information and services to the consumer, tutorials, engagement)

  • PROMOTE DYNAMICALLY (personalized promotions, ads)

  • FIDELIZE (brand loyalty, brand awareness)

  • PROVIDE MARKETING SERVICES (social media marketing, digital marketing, targeting, lead generation)

  • MANAGE BIG DATA (analytical insights, business intelligence)